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    Pirawna oversees more than $250 million in Amazon retail sales for dozens of brands in food, wellness, beauty and pet supplies. While Pirawna helps clients drive online sales, it relies on VeriShip’s Amazon Audit service to monitor Amazon fulfillment services and recover reimbursements when fulfillment obligations are not met. Pirawna makes VeriShip Amazon Audit an embedded component of all new client engagements, and the referral relationship has been productive: VeriShip has recovered more than $350,000 in FBA errors for Pirawna clients, and the value-added service keeps Pirawna clients informed, happy and loyal.

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    "Alexa, how can I help my Amazon Seller clients save on FBA expenses?"

    Jed Rawson knows what he is good at. Rawson and his team at Pirawna are experts at creating content, views and clicks that drive purchases for Amazon marketplace clients. They analyze Amazon web traffic and buying patterns. They use proprietary software tools to boost awareness, engagement and transactions.

    Rawson also knows what he and his team are not good at, like FBA error identification and refunds.

    For that, he turns to U.S.-based VeriShip and its combination of proprietary software and team of managed services experts who keep Amazon more accountable, and Pirawna clients more profitable.

    As founder and CEO at four-year-old Pirawna, Rawson’s vision is to add value at every turn, with speed, skill and scale. Partnering with VeriShip supports that vision.

    “The shipping and logistics side of the business is very complicated and expensive for our Amazon marketplace clients,” Rawson said. “We could sit down and build out analytics for it and fix it, but we do what’s best for our clients. And working with VeriShip on Amazon auditing is what’s best for our clients.”

    Over just the last few years, the dozens of clients we've introduced to VeriShip Amazon Audit have saved more than $350,000 in total shipping expenses. Our clients have been thrilled, and all we did was make the introduction and support the simple service activation.

    Jed Rawson | CEO at Pirawna

    Solution: Selling and Shipping on Amazon

    After a series of startups and exits with companies selling on Amazon, Rawson decided to take his experience to the broader marketplace. Pirawna was founded in 2016 and has worked with some of Amazon’s hottest brands including BarkBox, REEF, Rip Curl and SPY Optics, helping them capitalize on the 210 million online shoppers who visit Amazon each month.

    Rawson has seen his firm grow by 50x since its founding for two main reasons: they get results and they focus on core competencies.

    “We are very good on the selling side,” Rawson said. “But FBA can hurt our clients’ already thin margins. We considered analyzing the shipping piece ourselves but found JL (Needham) and the VeriShip team and we’ve been partnering ever since. They’re very good, and most importantly, we trust them with our clients.”

    VeriShip’s Amazon Audit dashboards, tools and expertise have been honed over many years in the business. The always-on auditing service flags a variety of FBA errors such as lost or damaged packages, incorrect weights, and inaccurate surcharges.

    Outcomes: FBA Found Money for Sellers

    Rawson said the results from the partnership with VeriShip have been immediate and tangible.

    “We usually see a return of two to five percent in fulfillment credits in the first month,” Rawson said. “Which for many of our clients equates to about $2,000 to $5,000 in extra cash flow that can go back into sales and marketing, or back into their pockets.”

    Across all Amazon Seller clients, the total FBA credits are even more impressive. Real-time dashboards make it easy to tally the savings.

    “The dozens of clients we’ve introduced to VeriShip Amazon Audit have saved more than $350,000 in total fulfillment,” Rawson said. “Our clients have been thrilled, and all we had to do was make the introduction and support the simple service activation.”

    Rawson said the future of his business is bright as he continues to partner with great clients, as well as software and service providers like VeriShip.

    “The best partnerships are easy, clear and productive, and we have a rare win-win-win situation with VeriShip,” Rawson said. “Our clients win, we win and VeriShip wins.”


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